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Sabrina Kalenko successfully defended the M.Sc. thesis

Sabrina Kalenko successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis on Zoom with the two respectful examiners (whom we didn’t ask for a permission to share their names and photos).

Wishing Sabrina all the best in her Ph.D. which is unfortunately in another lab, but with our collaboration 🙂

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Shir and Liron ME final project – air filtering solution using moss plant filters

Liron Simon (left) and Shir Esh (right) created a novel solution for air pollution filtering based on bio-inspired design of moss tiles. Big thanks to Danny Berko for the co-mentoring this great team. The project matured to the real test on the roof of the Wolfson building of Mechanical Engineering [link] and hte new setup presented next to the poster. This was my pleasure to help this great team with the guidance on research of air pollution, particle transport, turbulent boundary layers, connections with the Institute of Biological Research. The project is not over and hopefully will continue as a startup.

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Closed loop controlled mechanical ventilator concept

Liran Yoffe and Or Solnik have completed their final year project that was changed due to #covid-19 and became a closed-loop controlled mechanical ventilator concept. The main contribution is a Matlab ™ Simulink simulation package that uses PID controller and a custom-made lungs model developed from the first principles. Liran and Or also completed the pressure controlled and volume controlled modes and looking forward to add to the simulation also the patient-triggered ventilation mode.

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Liron Simon

Liron Simon joined our lab as a M.Sc. student on a direct track (top 15% at our School of Mechanical Engineering), after a successful project [link] that combines fluid mechanics, environmental sciences and innovation.

Edward Nabedrik

Edward Nabedrik joined the team to help with the 3D algae tracking project of Hadar Traugott. The project started with Liran Yoffe and it could lead to a new understanding of the effect of turbulence on biology.